TELEtek has been specialised in the development, production and marketing of innovative TV distribution and LED lighting products as being one of the leader electric-electronics manufacturers in Turkey since its establishment in 1974 in İstanbul.

Targeting 100% customer satisfaction, we have been serving all over Turkey and to more than 25 countries with a wide range of products, stock capacity, competitive prices and customer-focused solutions.

Aiming to enhance the quality of life, TV distribution and LED based lighting designs and innovations are developed by the result of intensive optic, electric, electronic and mechanical engineering studies at TELEtek R&D laboratory. Our in-depth R&D experience and know-how, that is protected by various worldwide patents and registered design certifications, mark our creative innovative efforts.

TELEtek TV distribution and LED lighting products which are in compliance with CE standards are manufactured at state-of-the art manufacturing park in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. 

Located over 3000 sqm enclosed area in Istanbul, Turkey; TELEtek is a strong company thanks to its expert staff, fully automated SMD lines, automated productions lines and its modern R&D laboratory.

Our aim is to continue our strong growth all over the world as we have done at European markets.