Beam Angle 240º
Housing Material ABS + Polycarbon
Optic Material Polycarbon
Code Description Power Lumen Base Qty/Box
790.700.010.XX Led Bulb, A60 w. IC Driver 10W 950lm E27 100
790.700.015.XX Led Bulb, A70 w. IC Driver 15W 1350lm E27 100
790.700.009.XX.DOB Led Bulb, A60 DOB 9W 850lm E27 100
790.700.015.XX.DOB Led Bulb, A70 DOB 15W 1250lm E27 100
790.700.007.XX.ADK Led Bulb, A60 w. IC Driver Rechargable 7W 600lm E27 100
790.700.010.XX.1224 Led Bulb, A60 12-24V AC&DC 10W 850lm E27 100
796.800.006.XX Led Bulb, A42 w. IC Driver 6W 580lm E14 100
79X.XXX.DXX.XX * Dimmable
79X.XXX.UXX.XX ** Universal Dimmable
79X.XXX.XXX.65 6500K Light Color Cool White
79X.XXX.XXX.40 4000K Light Color Day Light
79X.XXX.XXX.30 3000K Light Color Warm White

* Dimmable only with TELEtek dimmer
** Dimmable with all dimmers in the market